Volvo's Electrified Technology is Growing

What does Volvo Cars see as the future of the automotive industry and drivers everywhere? "Electrification is the future," assures Volvo Cars. "At Volvo we are committed to delivering a no compromise driving experience that is powerful, responsive and enjoyable, while reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Our Twin Engine powertrain technology is a confident step towards full electrification and the new sound of Volvo."

While many of Volvo's latest electrified models have yet to be released to the public, we're proud to showcase the 2016 Volvo XC90 Hybrid SUV right here in our Melbourne, Florida showroom, which is outfitted with the very Twin Engine powertrain technology Volvo mentions above. Along with the Twin Engine, the XC90 Hybrid offers ample cargo space, high-tech amenities and performance that defies the conventions of electrified vehicles.

Come visit our showroom at 4340 W. New Haven Ave Melbourne, FL 32904 for a test drive. Also, don't forget to keep a close eye on our new inventory as we welcome more electrified Volvo models to our showroom in the coming months.

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