Compact Volvo 40 Series Coming Soon to Melbourne

If we lived in Melbourne, Australia instead of Melbourne, Florida, today's news might be a little less exciting. In Australia, Europe, Japan, and many other countries around the world, the Volvo V40 has been available continually even after it stopped being sold in the United States.

Still, this is big news no matter where you live, because this is not the same Volvo 40 series. The two "Concept 40" prototypes revealed in Gothenburg last spring were the first two vehicles ever built on Volvo's new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

This new platform is special, delivering what promises to be an engaging driving dynamic. What makes it particularly unique is that it is designed for compatibility with electric and hybrid powertrains. That means no major design overhauls are needed to get green variants ready for market.

Production is scheduled to start in 2017, and if the two concepts are anything like the final production designs, we can expect a small crossover SUV and a compact liftback sedan to join our new inventory sometime next year.

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