Volvo Participates in WWF Program to Save Climate

In the Palm Bay area, climate change is a serious concern. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are believed to play a significant role in increasing average temperatures around the globe, sea-level rise, and more severe storms that may no longer stick to a predictable storm season.

The solution requires bold action to cut down on carbon.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) operates a Climate Savers program to encourage industry leaders to make the bold efforts needed to prevent climate catastrophe. To date, the Volvo Group is the only automaker to join.

As a member of Climate Savers, Volvo has pledged to dramatically reduce CO2 in its products -- for instance, by designing more hybrid and electric new vehicles -- and throughout the lifecycle of its products with more responsible manufacturing and materials sourcing. Volvo's progress will be reviewed by independent experts from WWF.

Visit Volvo of Melbourne to learn more about Volvo's long history of environmental stewardship.

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