Clean Your Headlights to Improve Visibility and Safety

The clarity of glass or plastic headlights diminishes with time. Scratches, cloudiness, and yellowing reduce the illumination from the bulbs. On dark or rural roads, the impaired lighting could make it hard to see hazards. Do-it-yourself methods could restore your headlights and enhance driving safety.

Using a rag to scrub clean the headlights with toothpaste or insect repellent could remove the buildup of residues dulling the illumination. If using insect repellent, take care not to let it touch painted surfaces. Another approach involves smoothing away scratches with sandpaper or abrasive polishes. Such a project will be time consuming and has the potential to make scratches worse in inexperienced hands.

For your convenience, you could have the team at Volvo of Melbourne clean headlights with commercial-grade cleaners and scrubbers. Call our service center in Melbourne to schedule a visit.

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